Maciek Blaźniak
I am an illustrator, designer, and the founder of Ładne Halo, a graphic design studio based in Lodz, Poland. I specialize in landscapes that blend architecture with nature. In my work, I focus on elements like color, light, geometry, and minimalism to create mood. My illustrations complement modern interiors well, often enhancing and warming their character.
Discover more about my style and creative process by browsing my portfolio on Behance and Instagram. You can also visit Ładne Halo to contact me directly if you're considering a collaboration.
Artworks for sale
Fine art quality
Wallbeing is my chosen printing partner, known for their high standards in artwork printing. Their advanced techniques capture the vibrant colors and fine details of each piece, ensuring the integrity of the original artwork is preserved.
Advanced digital printing for precise and deep details.
Rich and vibrant colors achieved with a 12-pigment system.
Long-lasting archival quality with Canon Photo Matt 180 g/m² paper.